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According to the State Aviation System Plan (2010-2030) Iowa’s aviation system need is $816M or $43M per year. From commercial passengers, to commercial freight, and our corporate and general aviation communities, Iowa’s system of airports needs significant investment if Iowa is to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Iowa’s current allocation for airport vertical infrastructure is $2.2M dollars per year leaving an unfunded gap of $40.8M annually. The Iowa Public Airports Association respectfully request the Governor include in her budget a commitment to STRENGTHEN Iowa’s airport system. By making a 10-year commitment of Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Funds (RIIF) funds in the amount of $16.5M per year, for a total of $165M toward airport vertical infrastructure. The total investment would be derived entirely from Iowa’s RIIF program.


  1. 1. IPAA fully supports an aviation system investment approach;
  2. 2. All 99 counties would see an increase in infrastructure investment at their airports;
  3. 3. As proposed, Iowa’s annual investment in general aviation airport vertical infrastructure would     increase to $3.0M;
  4. 4. As proposed, Iowa’s annual investment in commercial service airport vertical infrastructure would     increase to $13.5M; and,
  5. 5. All funds dispersed would require a 5 percent local match by the Airport Owner.


  1. 1. Commercial Service Airports:
  2. A total of $13.5M allocated to Commercial Service Airports each year or $135M over a 10-year period. To be eligible, a facility would have to meet the federal definition of a Commercial Service Airport. Funds would be allocated as follows:
  3.   • Each of the eight Commercial Service Airports would receive $300,000; and,
  4.   • Remaining funds would be dispersed and/or allocated based upon the percentage of passenger enplanements, similar to the current FAA entitlement funding formula for grants issued under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP)
  1. 2. General Aviation Airports:
  2. A total of $3.0M allocated to General Aviation Airports each year or $30M over a 10-year period. The funds would be allocated according to the current project priority rating system as administered by Iowa’s Department of Transportation via the Office of Aviation.
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