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Legislative Updates 2019

Iowa Public Airports Association
January 18, 2019

Governor Reynolds has proposed $1.5 million for the Commercial Service Airport Vertical Infrastructure Program and $700,000 for the General Aviation Airport Vertical Infrastructure Program in each of the next two fiscal years.

The funding was included in her proposed budget, released following the Condition of the State address earlier this week.

Following the upcoming King Holiday, lawmakers return to Des Moines and will begin to focus on policy proposals.

Bills of interest:
SSB 1009 - Threat of A Targeted Attack (F) - The bill establishes the criminal offense of assault by threat of a targeted attack and provides penalties. The bill provides that any person who threatens to cause serious injury or death to persons assembled in a public place, school building, or any occupied structure other than a single-family residence which thereby places such persons in reasonable apprehension of serious injury or death, or who threatens to commit such an act under circumstances raising a reasonable expectation that the threat will be carried out, commits a class ā€œDā€ felony.

Subcommittee: Approved

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