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Legislative Updates 2017

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Legislative Update

April 14, 2017

House Moves to Exceed Governor’s Airport Budget Numbers!
The House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to vote Monday on House Study Bill 204, the Infrastructure Appropriations Bill.

Included in the bill are:
$900,000 for Commercial Service Airport Vertical Infrastructure (Gov recommended $500,000) $500,000 for General Aviation Airport Vertical Infrastructure (Gov recommended $400,000)

Airport vertical infrastructure is one of a very, very small number of budget items to either not be cut or receive more funding than recommended by the Governor.

In the face of budget decisions to cut tens of millions of dollars from the Health and Human Services budget and millions of dollars from the Education Budget, lawmakers are acknowledging the need to fund airport improvements,

The Senate subcommittee considering infrastructure funding is now scheduled to meet Monday at 11:00am. The Senate bill is expected to be a bit different from the House version.

Please contact the members of the Senate Infrastructure Subcommittee and deliver a simple, to the point, message:
· Appropriate at least $1.5 million for commercial service airport vertical infrastructure;
· Appropriate at least $750,000 for general aviation airport vertical infrastructure;
· The airport vertical infrastructure programs strictly adheres to the definition of vertical infrastructure in the Iowa Code

Sen. Rick Bertrand - Sioux City
Sen. Tim Kapucian - Benton County
Sen. Matt McCoy - Des Moines
Sen. Bill Anderson - SIoux City
Sen. Tod Bowman - Maquoketa

Senate contact information:

Hunting Trespass Bill Takes Troubling Turn
House File 69, a bill originally proposed to deal with illegal trespassing by rogue outdoors persons was amended in the Senate with provisions that are troubling to some airports.

Specifically provisions that require property owners to to mark their land with purple paint marks or purple fence caps, were added in the Senate.

Rep. Greg Heartsill, the original author of HF 69, is working with us to make sure airports are not required to do such markings.

Bills of interest: SF 489 (formerly SF 236 and SSB 1051) - Fireworks (M) - This bill allows for the sale and use of consumer fireworks in the state. It provides for an “opt out” for cities and counties via a vote of a city council or county board of supervisors.
Approved by the Senate 34-14. On House debate calendar.

SF 431 (formerly SSB 1138 - Small Wireless Facilities (A) - This bill authorizes the siting of small wireless facilities and the joint financing of telecommunications facilities. Code chapter 8C provides a series of uniform rules and limitations for the deployment of and applications for wireless communications facilities and infrastructure. The bill adds specific rules and limitations for the application for and deployment of small wireless facilities. There are no aviation issues contained in this bill as of now.
Passed the Senate 44-3. Amended and approved by the House 93-0.

SF 260 (formerly SSB 1011) - Trespassing (F) - The bill provides that a possessor of any fee, reversionary, or easement interest in real property, including but not limited to an owner, lessee, or other lawful occupant, owes no duty of care to a trespasser except to refrain from willfully or wantonly injuring the trespasser and to use reasonable care to avoid injuring the trespasser after that trespasser’s presence becomes known.
Approved by the Senate 48-1. Approved by the House 96-0.

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